Hackberry General Store

The Hackberry General Store located in Hackberry, AZ is a must stop while traveling on Route 66.  Located 23 miles northeast of Kingman, Hackberry was a former mining town.  The Hackberry General Store first opened its doors as the North Side Grocery in 1934.  However after the mines began to close and after the construction of the I-40, local business began to shut down, including the General Store (c. 1978).  It reopened its doors in 1992 after Bob Waldmire purchased the property and turned it into a tourist information post and souvenir shop.  He sold the property in 1998, and the new owners (John and Kerry Pritchard) have done an amazing job keeping the place intact.

Walking through the property, you definitely get a nostalgic feel of how things use to be back in the old days. From cassette tape players to even an old eight track, everything appeared to be preserved in time.  289A7260 289A7236 289A7257 289A7250 289A7242 289A7248 289A7243 289A7245 289A7246 289A7264 289A7267

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