Goodsprings, NV

Before heading out to Goodsprings, NV, I only knew a couple things….that it was a ghost town and home to the famous Pioneer Saloon.  A couple weeks ago, my buddy and I decided to go check it out and grab a bite to eat.  After a short 35 minute drive from Las Vegas, we came upon Goodsprings and immediately saw the Pioneer Saloon.  Once we entered the bar, it felt like a scene out of an old western movie.  We seated ourselves in the outdoor patio area and I ordered their famous Ghost Burger.  While waiting for our food to arrive, we wandered around the bar, outdoor area and general store.  There are several outdoor BBQ areas where you can grill your own meat as well as pool tables and cornhole boards.  We walked into the bar and noticed a newspaper article about a patron killed at the bar in 1915.  Apparently the patron was caught cheating and was subsequently shot to death in the bar.  The original bullet holes are still there.  Speaking to our bartender, she says that the ghost of the patron still haunts the bar to this day.  During our visit however, we did not encounter any strange activity or witness any ghost.

Fast forward a couple weeks later and I had mentioned to another friend that we should go check out the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsrpings.  Upon arriving, we sat ordered our food and walked around.  We went into the general store and began talking to the bartender.  We asked about all the “asshole” stickers and mugs and she had mentioned that you can also purchase a certificate for being a “Certified Asshole”.  I thought this was hilarious and immediately purchased one for my “friend”.  So after our lunch, one of the employees made an announcement in front of everyone eating that my friend has just been certified as an asshole.  He read everything that was on the certificate verbatim.  That alone was worth the price of the certificate.  Thankfully for my friend there were only a handful of customers.  In addition to the certificate and public humiliation he also received a wallet sized card so no matter where he goes, he can proudly let everyone know that he is indeed a certified asshole.

I’d recommend anyone living or visiting Vegas or even passing by Jean to check out Goodsprings and the Pioneer Saloon.  And be sure to bring a friend and get them Certified!  BTW the Ghost Burger was amazing.

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Scale restored by Ricks Restoration

Scale restored by Ricks Restoration

"Toppings Bar"

“Toppings Bar”

Can you guess what's in here?  Yes...Cold Air!!!

Can you guess what’s in here? Yes…Cold Air!!!


Bullet holes from 1915

Bullet holes from 1915

Famous Ghost Burger

Famous Ghost Burger

Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

"Certified Asshole"

“Certified Asshole”

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