Swarovski Crystal Full Size Replica Green Bay Packers Helmet

Nearly two weeks removed from what I consider to be the worst loss I have ever seen between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, I finally mustered up the courage to write about what I had been working on for a couple weeks previous to the game.  My wife and I found out about a month ago that we were going to be having a baby girl.  Hearing this news, I knew that I wanted to make something special for her arrival.  Two years ago when my son was born, we had scheduled a newborn photography session with Aloha Island Baby in Hawaii.  They did an amazing job and one if the poses included my son with a  Packers beanie and helmet.  I thought long and hard and finally came to the conclusion that I would do the same thing for our daughter except Swarovski the entire helmet.  Having this idea ingrained into my head, I immediately went online and found http://www.dreamtimecreations.com.  Not knowing how many to order, I overestimated (or so I thought) and ordered nearly 2000 Swarovski crystals including the Clear Crystals, Dark Moss Green, and Light Topaz.  Fast forward two weeks, three re-orders and an additional 2500 Swarvorski crystals later, I had finally completed what I had envisioned.  After completing the helmet, I realized that just an ordinary helmet case would not do it justice.  So, I went back to the drawing board and came up with an idea to place the helmet on a paper towel dispenser….Swarovski encrusted of course.  I ended up using a rotisserie chicken motor attached to a mirrored lazy suzan and created the video.  As far as who I would want to win the big game?  I could care less…haha.


I want to give a special thanks to http://www.dreamtimecreations.com for making this possible.  This was my first “crafting” experience and it wouldn’t have been possible without them.  I would also like to thank the creator of the Crystal Katana.  Those of you who have used the Crystal Katana know how invaluable this piece of equipment is.  Had it not been for the Crystal Katana, I would still be sitting here trying to add the crystals to the helmet.



Image by Aloha Island Baby Photography





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  1. I have been looking for one these online for months to add to my mothers collection. You did an amazing job. Do you have any interest in taking a order to make me one?


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