Revere Golf Club

The Revere Golf Club is the perfect place to get away from the money draining casinos and enjoy a four hour round of golf.  Located 30 minutes from the strip in Henderson, the Revere Golf Club offers spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip.  It boast two courses, Lexington and Concord.  The Lexington is adjacent to the clubhouse, while the Concord is located across the street.  Both courses are quite challenging (although I prefer the Lexington over the Concord).  Each of the Par 72 courses offers four sets of tees ranging from 5,216-7,143 yards (Lexington) and 5,171-7,069 yards (Concord).  Slope rating for Lexington ranges from 119-139 and 119-151 for Concord.  If you can bear the 100+ degree heat in the summer time, they (along with all the other Vegas courses) offer some amazingly cheap deals.


2600 Hampton Rd.  Henderson, NV 89052



Lexington #1 Par 4



Lexington #11 Par 5

Lexington #13 Par 3



Lexington #16 Par 5



Lexington #18 Par 4



Concord #5 Par 3



Concord #6 Par 4 (#7 Tee Boxes in Foreground)



Concord #15 Par 4




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